About Us & What We Offer

Here at Rocking Chair Range, we love to help you make great memories! In business since 2010, we are a family owned and operated business located in Cameron, Texas. Our goal is to here is to take the stress out of planning your next event. The venue has a baker and seamstress on site, ready to make a wedding cake or hem up your dress. We can also cater a BBQ dinner! If you have out of town guests with motor homes they are more than welcome to stay on the property. Hope to see you soon!


Our Pricing: Our lowest priced event would be a half day with everyone gone before dark. $75. Next would be the all day party going as late as you'd like into the night for $125. Last is the 48 hour rental from noon Friday to noon on Sunday. That includes all night parties etc. The whole 48 hours is yours to fill as you like. (Within legal limits) $450.

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